London Evening Standard – Excerpts from the interview

Commenting on the new data management tool, Scott Parkin said:

“The intelligent use of data has become central to the work of all professionals involved in education and having had responsibility for data management and analysis over many years, it is my ambition to see more data smart schools delivering pupil progress. At any moment nursery providers, schools and parents have access 24-7 to personalised, relevant and current reports which profile a child’s progress and development against national, school and personalised aspirational targets both accurately and coherently. ”

“This powerful tool has been developed by Senior Leaders, teachers and parents for Senior Leaders, teachers and parents. We understand how early years providers and schools need their data presenting and how parents want to access clear and coherent information about their child’s progress and development. We, and our clients, believe this is one of the most professional and comprehensive data tracking systems available and is the must-have data tool for nursery and school improvement, helping teachers and parents work together to ensure children realise their true potential,”