E2P is taking part in discussions with the Birth to Five Matters  

E2P is currently communicating with the team at Birth to 5 Matters to understand how we may be able to align our system with their guidance. The overall aim is for an assessment tool that fits with the day-to-day practice of teachers and the day-to-day activities of the children in their setting. We will continue to ensure children are observed and assessed to create a clear developmental picture without any excessive workload.

At E2P we will continue to be focused on allowing practitioners to seamlessly assess and report on children as part of practitioner’s day-to-day roles without creating an onerous workload.

We are, and have always been, a system created by teachers for teachers based on ensuring practice is accurate, meaningful, impacting and ensuring both individuals and groups of children are enabled to reach their true potential.

Please understand we are working incredibly hard to gain clarification on how we may allow schools/nurseries to access Birth to 5 Matters guidance within the currently available system.

In the short term, please see our guidance for how you may utilise Birth to 5 Matters and correlate with our system to ensure comprehensive tracking and assessment for teachers, parents, children, school management, councils, and any other reporting requirements