E2P+SEND – getting you ready for the Pilot EYFS changes to ELGs

E2P is helping ensure you are ready to make the following changes and implement these as part of the Pilot EYFS changes to the ELG’s. The Gathering of Photographic. Video, Audio Evidence is integral to assessing children using both the proposed EYFS ELG’s and SEND Pre-Key Stage Standards, so with E2P you are all set to go!

What are the changes?

  • Communication and language will include focus on adult-child interactions, and the word ‘accurate’ has been removed from the Speaking ELG when referring to tenses.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development will remain as proposed.
  • Physical Development will remain as proposed.
  • Literacy will remain as proposed.
  • PSED will include additional information on self-care and healthy eating.
  • Physical Development will be strengthened to include a greater focus on development from birth to reception and on the link between gross and fine motor skills.
  • Literacy will include a stronger emphasis on pre-reception literacy learning, and the link between language comprehension and later reading and writing.
  • Mathematics will include a greater detail on the importance of shapes, spatial reasoning and measure as part of early maths learning, and how children can foster a love of maths,greater clarity to counting and comparing quantities in the Numerical Patterns ELG. Government will proceed with its focus on number and numerical patterns within the mathematics ELGs as the strongest predictor for later maths outcomes.
  • Understanding the World will include wider experiences for children; and  Expressive Arts and Design will include a wider variety of ways children can develop their creative skills.

If you’d like more details on how we can help you to implement the new ELGs using our systems, please contact us.